Introducing World’s Cheapest human like Appointment Booking Agents Powered by Generative AI

Tired of costly, error-prone bookings? Our AI agents cut costs, operate 24/7, and deliver consistent, personalized service. Eliminate long wait times and errors with efficient, seamless appointment scheduling.

Reduce Costs
Traditional auto-dialling targets many unqualified leads, leading to low conversion rates. Our system enhances efficiency by integrating lead qualification with auto-dialling.
Available 24/7
Enhance interaction by switching from DTMF to voice capture technology. This allows for more accurate understanding and response to customer needs.
No Customer On Hold
Traditional IVR systems miss capturing customer voices, limiting insight. Our solution records and analyses voice interactions for deeper understanding.
Customer Follow ups
Our system captures and analyses customer voice calls, providing detailed reports on conversation content, sentiment, and lead status for enhanced engagement.

Customers who trust us

How it Works?

Quick Setup in Just 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Create Agents.

Set up your AI agent, assign it a voice, and provide it with all the necessary information about your business.

Step 2: Integrate or Add DID

Add a new DID or let us integrate the agent with your existing DID to go live.

Step 3: Automate Calls

The agent takes calls, books appointments, and provides general assistance.

Step 4: Follow-Up

The agent follows up with schedulers to confirm attendance and offers help with rescheduling or cancellations.

Step 5: Receive Reports

Get a consolidated report with all the information and insights from the scheduler.

Comprehensive Solutions Tailored for Specific Use Cases

Revolutionize your IVR system with advanced AI calling capabilities.

Agent Training

Quickly equip your agents with your knowledge base in any format, significantly reducing training time and costs

Email & SMS Notifications

Send email, SMS & Voice mail notifications to users who do not answer calls.

Realtime Call Transfer

Seamlessly transfer calls to a live agent for queries beyond the AI agent’s capabilities.

IVR Handling

Navigate through the IVR menu to connect with the appropriate contact for delivering messages or making pitches.
Post-call Metrics

Analyse call details to understand customer inquiries, sentiment, and key business insights.


Seamlessly integrate into the existing environment for a hassle-free implementation.


Monitor outcomes using customized reports that can be downloaded or emailed as needed for detailed analysis.

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CCPA Compliant

HIPAA Complaint

SOC 2 Type II Compliant


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